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Real estate investments in Spain Real estate investments in Spain

What are the benefits of investing in real estate in Alicante? In addition to the chance to spend every summer and winter in a beautiful seaside setting with a number of golf courses, you also have the opportunity to earn regular earnings.

Every year, Alicante is visited by hundreds of tourists and golf enthusiasts. Share unforgettable experiences with them and offer them luxury accommodation in your villa. Your property will bring you benefits throughout the year – even if you are not in Alicante.

Invest without worries – we will help you with the purchase of real estate and rent and we will arrange everything for you.

How is real estate purchased in Spain?

With us completely carefree. Take a look at the offer of our real estate, and if you are interested in some, do not hesitate to contact us. Do you have a slightly different idea? Just say it and we will help you find the perfect property.

As soon as you are clear, we will go on a tour of Spain together. We will accompany you throughout – from the first visit to your dream house until the signing of the purchase contract.

  • We will help with by choice and buys tickets
  • Directly at the airport you will be picked up by a Czech broker
  • We will arrange tours all real estate, which you are interested in
  • We will arrange accommodation
  • We will be with you when signing the contract
  • We will help you rent the property conveniently

What should you do now?

  1. Contact us with yours idea about dream living…

  2. We will accompany you to Spain and we will show you the best real estate

  3. Settle down in your new home and enjoy

Perfect investment

You don’t have to use Spanish real estate only as a summer or holiday home, you can benefit from it all year round. We will advise you how to rent your house or apartment conveniently in your absence and still make money on it.

Make money from the comfort of your home

Don’t know how to get suitable tenants and make sure that your house stays in perfect condition? Whether you are looking for tenants for a longer period of time or short-term guests, we will take care of everything for you.

Not only will you find your property undamaged on your next visit, but you will also have a certain earnings of – up to 20 %. Without work and effortlessly.

Choose the ideal house to invest

How to find perfect property by the sea, which will earn you in your absence? We will advise you on the selection. We will take you to the most attractive locations and help you with a bargain purchase.