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Pulsing city with long history

A port with modern ships and a medieval castle towering over the city will immediately tell you that you are in Alicante. The capital of the province of the same name in the south-eastern part of Spain washes the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Alicante was inhabited 7,000 years ago, currently has about 320,000 inhabitants. Due to its year-round pleasant climate and 340 sunny days a year, it is popular among tourists and locals who have imprinted it with a unique character.

Life in Alicante

Alicante is a typical Spanish city that lives at all times. Wide selection restaurant and traditional tapas bars offer a unique opportunity to look under the hood excellent Spanish cuisine. The most famous place is the restaurant La Paella, famous for its selection of excellent seafood. While the surroundings of monuments and beaches are lined with sophisticated restaurants, in the charming city streets and more remote districts you can enjoy traditional dishes at pleasant prices.

Alicante has grown a number of shopping malls with lots of shops and gastronomic facilities. If you love shopping, you should not miss the neighborhood El Barrio. Over the weekend, it is very busy and offers almost anything, whether it is international goods, handicrafts or branded goods.

Alicante offers a varied nightlife, throughout the year there are open bars and discos late into the night and are very popular with locals as well as tourists and students from the local university. Bars and clubs are scattered throughout the city and can satisfy all the tastes of visitors. Breathtaking festivals are an integral part of the local culture. The most famous is the Fogueres de Sant Joan, which takes place in mid-June and offers a week-long show of competition fireworks.

Transport infrastructure

Alicante has undergone significant modernization in recent years, which has also been reflected in the transport sector. The city has built a wide transport network led by Alicante International Airport, where airlines from Prague and Vienna. The airport is served by shuttle and local transports car rental, which will take you quickly to the center or to a rented car. The surrounding towns connect buses or high-speed trains departing from the main station with Alicante Terminal. The modern tram network, in turn, enables connections with the center to people from the surrounding villages, trams can be reached on the coast and even to the neighboring town of Benidorm. Ferries to Algeria and the Balearic Islands regularly leave from the local port.

Ensure the circumstances atmosphere

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Unique climate

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Enjoy sunny weather for most of the year – in Alicante temperatures even in December do not fall below 20°C. You can relax on the beach, go on a trip or play golf.

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Treatmental nature and large social and sports use

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Enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere. The long beautiful beaches, clear sea and beautiful nature will literally captivate you.

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Spick golf playback

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Lovers of this outdoor sport will get their money’s worth here. Golf courses on the Costa Blanca are visited by golfers from all over the world.

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Taste Spanish cuisine – seafood, dessert cheeses, paelle, tortillas and other local dishes to quickly taste.