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Real estate abroad: where to set up a summer residence?

Real estate abroad: where to set up a summer residence?
31 Mar

Living by the sea is a dream for many people. The sound of the waves and the salty sea air is a once-a-year event for many Czechs. But why go to the sea for just one holiday week? Find your dream destination and enjoy it for months on end. Work from the beach and enjoy the Mediterranean temperament, the mild climate, the great food and the beautiful water smelling of summer? It can be. And it's not nearly as elusive as it might seem.


It's a known fact that sea air has many health benefits including reducing stress levels, improving respiratory function and boosting the immune system. The sound of the sea waves in turn has a great effect on a troubled mind.

In addition, living near the sea means unlimited access to a wide range of outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, sailing and fishing. In addition, the sea area offers spectacular scenery. Can you think of anything more romantic than a sunset on the beach with the sound of the waves lapping? Living by the sea means you can enjoy this divine sight whenever you want.

Coastal areas usually have milder temperatures and more sunshine than inland ones, making them a great place for warm weather lovers. Another important aspect is that, properties near the sea are highly desirable and hold their value. It is therefore a worthwhile investment.


There are several countries in which it is possible to acquire an interesting property at a price lower than here. Our favourite is clearly Spain. But why Spain?

Spain is known for its sunny and warm climate, which is ideal for anyone who enjoys sunbathing and spending time outdoors. The weather here is pleasant all year round, meaning you can enjoy the beaches and the sea whenever you like. In addition, the mild winters allow for outdoor activities even in the colder months.

Compared to other European countries, Spain has a relatively low cost of living. The cost of living is particularly attractive, especially when compared to other coastal areas in Europe. With a wide range of properties on offer, you're sure to find the perfect seaside home to suit your budget.

In addition, Spain is known for its relaxed lifestyle, which is ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities. Whether you're looking to retire by the seaside or you're looking for a retreat for a few weeks of the year and plan to rent out your house for the rest of the time, you won't go wrong with Spain. Its sunny weather, affordable cost of living and laid-back lifestyle make it the ideal destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of living by the sea.

Have you fallen in love with the idea of Spanish seaside life too? We'd love to help you buy a home in Spain. Just give us a call.