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Captivating lakes in Torrevieja

Captivating lakes in Torrevieja
6 Aug

Captivating pink lakes in Torrevieja

The salt lakes and their influence on the unique microclimate around the Spanish town of Torrevieja are one of the world's rarities. All the more so because here you will find waters coloured an unusual pink.


While Laguna Salada de la Mata shines a textbook emerald colour, its neighbour Laguna Salada de Torrevieja, 1.5 kilometres away, seems to tell the most romantic stories thanks to its sweet pink colour. The main reason for the unusual water colour is the unicellular alga Dunaliella salina.

The two salt lakes are now the centre of the Parque natural de las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja, a reserve established in 1989. While they were formerly used for salt extraction, today more than two hundred species of birds live here, the most attractive of which are undoubtedly the flamingos, of which scientists have counted around two thousand.

But you can also find refuge here. Especially if you suffer from skin diseases, the salty black mud around the lake can have a therapeutic effect on you. At least that's what the locals say, who can't get enough of the dark mud. If you'd rather skip the mud mask, at least take a walk on the beach and breathe deeply. The extremely salty sea air is especially appreciated by asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

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