Domy Španelsko
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31 Aug

Benidorm Dolphinarium and Mundomar Park in Spain

Swimming with dolphins is an indescribable feeling that everyone must experience. They are magical in the way they behave or "smile". In the Mundomar Park in Benidorm you have the opportunity to meet these incredible animals, swim with them or take photos with them. And that's not all, children can even experience a night among the dolphins. You can also watch a fantastic dolphin show. But Mundomar is not just a dolphinarium. In addition to these highly intelligent and social mammals, you will also find sea lions, penguins, turtles, parrots, flamingos, lemurs and many other beautiful animals in the park. It is open every day and neither children nor adults will be bored here.

Admission prices:

Adult 31,00€

Children's 25,00€

Senior 25,00€


Group prices:

Adult group, price per person 25,00€

Group of children, price per person 20,00€

Senior group, price per person 20,00€

Disabled group, price per person 14,00€