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Flamenco - a breathtaking spectacle

Flamenco - a breathtaking spectacle
17 Aug

Flamenco is not only a dance, but also a music, a culture and a way of life.

The cradle of flamenco is Andalusia in southern Spain. The origin of the dance is attributed to the gypsies, but you can also find Jewish, Indian and of course Spanish elements.

The main disciplines are singing, dancing, playing the guitar and rhythmic accompaniment, by which is meant clapping or playing a traditional musical instrument called the cajón, a percussion instrument resembling a wooden box on which the player sits straddling.

In different parts of Spain, including Alicante of course, you can book online for a great Flamenco show. A 50-minute show will cost you tens of euros.

You can book this authentic insight into Spanish culture here: