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The unique promenade Explanada de España

The unique promenade Explanada de España
14 Aug

Forget all your worries and clear your head on the iconic promenade in the picturesque and vibrant city of Alicante.

Sightseeing tour around the harbour

The Explanada de España is an unforgettable promenade that skirts the local harbour to lead you to one of the local beaches. It's designed to leave a deep impression on you and you'll never forget it. This feeling is due to the unique mosaic consisting of more than six and a half million marble tiles. The colours of red, white and black create a pattern of moving waves to symbolise a metropolis bustling with life and entertainment.

You'll know it's not just any road from the first step. The Explanada de España is one of the city's focal points and is bustling with activity, even if you don't stumble across one of the festivities going on. The promenade is literally lined with restaurants and small souvenir shops. Stop here for a refreshing glass of Sangria and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Alicante.

Canajelas Park

The promenade begins in Canajelas Park, one of the most romantic spots on the Costa Blanca. It is the oldest park in the city and has changed little over the years. It owes its name to José Canajelas, who fought to expand the port and modernise the city. The park's main attraction is the spectacular view of the ships moored in the harbour, which is watched over by a century-old ficus tree guarded by two lion statues.