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The wines of Alicante

The wines of Alicante
19 Aug

Delicious wines from Alicante

Alicante originally produced rancio wines - heavy, oxidised, sweet wines. However, local winemakers have managed to fundamentally change the way they vinify and are now producing very good, fresh wines.

The best Moscatel in Spain is produced here - Alicante Moscatel Vino de Licor - a golden yellow wine with a strong fruity aroma and musky flavour, the taste is juicy and with a long muscat aftertaste.

A rare treat is the Fondillón, made from the Monastrel grape in the same way as sherry. The wine is amber in colour, with a hint of vanilla, tobacco and cocoa in the aroma and a delicious taste.

Enjoy these delicacies on the terrace of your own home in Alicante!