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TOP 3 surfing spots in Spain

TOP 3 surfing spots in Spain
26 Mar

You may not know it, but Spain is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe - thanks to its incredible coastline with world-class waves that are suitable for all levels of surfers. Here's our guide to the best places to surf in Spain.


The first place we will mention is Playa de Las Américas, located in Tenerife. With dark pebbles, palm trees defining the border between town and beach and numerous bars and restaurants, Playa de Las Américas is one of the most popular spots among surfers.

Tenerife's climate allows you to surf all year round and enjoy good weather even in winter. It's a good place for beginners in the surfing world - learning to surf in Playa de Las Américas is very common, with many people coming here every year for their first surfing lessons. For this reason, many surf schools have also been established near this beach.

Another point in favour of this beach is that it is very well equipped. If you are on vacation with someone who doesn't want to take surfing lessons, Playa de Las Américas is equipped with many sunbeds and umbrellas, and there are many other activities to do. The area is also very touristy with many restaurants, bars and hotels. This ensures fun and relaxation for everyone.

Surfing at Playa de Las Américas


Thanks to the westerly and easterly waves, the beaches off Malaga are another attractive option for surfers. This time in the south of Spain. The beach at Cabopino is ideal for beginners. A sandy sea bed that is ideal for catching waves along the whole beach, as it forms many beautiful waves. The best time to enjoy the scenery and the waves is in the middle of the tide when the west wind is blowing.

The beach at Bil Bil is also popular with surfers - it is located next to Benalmadena harbour. With a sandy seabed, it is ideal especially on days when the wind blows from the east.

And if you're a good surfer, you'll love beaches like Los Álamos and Huelin because the currents and the shape of the seabed allow for the creation of different waves, which every surfer simply must enjoy.


Among the best European surfers, this place is very well known (especially for extreme surfers), but now it is becoming increasingly popular among "normal" surfers as well. Why do we mention extreme surfing? Because, although it's a beautiful place to surf, it's also quite dangerous. Locals don't surf here, and inexperienced surfers don't really risk their presence here because the dangers - sharp rocks, strong currents and a high chance of breaking boards and even bones - are just too high. Experienced surfers will love the challenge though, there are strong waves reaching heights of 5-6 meters.

Pic. Surfing - Meñakoz


There are of course countless places in Spain where you can surf perfectly. Let's mention some of the other places where surfing is a wonderful and unforgettable experience:

  • Mundaka - a small town or village in Spain, located in the province of Biscay, in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, in northern Spain. The local coastline is world famous for its surfing scene.
  • Razo Beach, Galicia - the long, open stretch of beach looks like paradise and also features some of the most perfect waves in Spain. It's a calm spot and has consistently good - but again, not huge - waves, making it one of the best places in Spain to start surfing or to gently practice your technique.
  • Playa De Somo (Somo Beach, Cantabria)
  • Rodiles - a beautiful, if a little tricky, surf spot - is only recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers.
  • Salinas, Asturias
  • Mundaka, Biscay
  • Loredo, Cantabria
  • San Vicente de la Barquera
  • Rodiles, Asturias
  • Sopelana, Biscay

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