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Where to go from Alicante? Try the island of Tabarca

Where to go from Alicante? Try the island of Tabarca
11 Sep

Have you bought your dream summer house near Alicante and are wondering where to go on a trip? Try the charming little island of Tabarca, which will enchant you with its history, tranquillity, delicious food and a wide range of activities.

Tabarca is officially considered part of Alicante and became one of Spain's first maritime reserves. Although only 59 people permanently live on the island, more than 1,400 hectares of protected underwater world attract tourists. How do you get to the island and what should you see and experience? Find the answer in our article today.


Tabarca captivates tourists and locals alike with its exceptional genius loci. Thanks to its location, a pleasant climate prevails all year round and the island boasts excellent island cuisine, beautiful beaches and quiet coves.

Tabarca is sought after for its omnipresent peace and tranquillity. Unlike the hurried and busy life on Ibiza or Formentera, Tabarca has a subdued and casual atmosphere.


The easiest way to get to Tabarca is by boat - either on your own or by ferry, which departs from a number of ports in the area - Benidorm, Calp, Villajoyosa, Alicante or Santa Pola. Benidorm is the most used port in high season, with boats leaving four to five times a week. However, always check the timetable for the specific season beforehand. The cruise to the island takes about an hour and a half, with boats back to the mainland leaving Tabarca about every three quarters of an hour.


Tabarca boasts a wide range of excellent restaurants to satisfy your craving for fresh seafood. After lunch, take a stroll around the island's historic monuments - after all, Tabarca was declared an art historical zone in 1964.

The best way to do this is to take a city tour along the fortifications that line the entire town. Take in the beauty of the sea, visit the historic city gates of San Rafael, San Miguel and San Gabriel, and don't forget the charming churches of San Pedro and San Pablo and a walk to the lighthouse for a view of the open sea. Finish your trip with a casual stroll around the historic centre, explore the adjacent streets of the main square and refresh yourself with a delicious ice cream.


Tabarca is not only interesting for its history, however, but also for its rich underwater world and great conditions for sailing or windsurfing. Dive under the surface and explore the mysterious world that awaits you on more than 1,400 hectares of seabed.

There is something for everyone on this little island. Whether you want to take a break from Alicante's busy life, expand your horizons or dive into the mysterious beauty beneath the surface, Tabarca will not disappoint.